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At first , I thought your problem was a stuck caliper, which only becomes stuck after heating up for a while.Shaking would be caused by the caliper grabbing a warped rotor.However, if this were true, when you experience your problem ,your wheel would be hot to the touch,abnormally dusty, and you would feel your car holding back. I had a brake sticking problem on my Scirocco.Changed everything(pads and rotors, which were due, as well as calipers,master cylinder, lines,and finally, booster.). It was finally a pin hole in the booster diaphram. The pressure would build and brakes would stick more and more as I drove, from the diaphram not releasing.Let the car sit for 1/2 hr and cool down and brakes were fine again.
Although this may info doesn't solve your problem, hopefully it helps diagnose future problems for someone.
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