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Unhappy Help with passing a smog check – Fuel Additives? (desperation setting in…)

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding any type of additive that will help a *marginal* car pass a smog check? I remember something about mixing in some methanol or ethanol, but I don’t know which one (if either). There are plenty of off-the-shelf additives at the parts stores, but has anyone had any luck with any of them? Luck – meaning that your car did not pass the test, then you used ‘brand X’, which then helped it to pass. (NOT a situation where you used a product “just in case” & the car passed – in that scenario you don’t know whether or not the product actually made any difference!)

I’m really in a bind with the old 5 liter – she’s just plain worn out; I put some valve guide seals on her just to help stem the tide of oil being sucked past the intake valve guides under high manifold vacuum conditions. Everything else is O.K. – ignition, fuel injection, etc. She’s just plain old tired; pretty much worn out and on the last lap. Make that the last corner of the last lap.

Any suggestions other than a re-build (at least not yet) would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Everyone!

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