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Question 1975 450SE W116 - overheating issue

I was able to get my hands on a grey one with black interior, sunroof, earlier this week for a couple thousand.

However, such a deal does not come without certain issues, as always. On the ride back to the house it had a few hills to climb, and by the time it was finally parked here it was boiling over badly. Before you ask, or suggest, NO white smoke from the exhaust, and I even removed and boiled the thermo up to about 180F and she popped open, no problem. In removing the thermo, however, I was slightly dismayed over four small droplets of oil floating around in the AF, but I looked over the path from where I removed the thermo and noticed the AF hit a few things on it's way into the container that are covered with some oil, so my fingers are crossed. Rumor has it that it may be a radiator blockage, and my wallet loves such a diagnosis, trust me.

Anyone ever come across the same situation? A bit on the new side to all this, but I don't mind getting dirty...
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