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300E curious engine?


Something interesting turned up while browsing

While a 300E has a 722.3 transmission and
190E's all have the smaller 722.4 transmission..:

the 300E 2.8 made in 1993 has the same 722.4 transmission as the 190E, which makes an engine swap even easier as I don't have to change the autobox from my existing 190E's one!! It also appears to have 197 bhp in Euro trim..

Now i need to know, is this 2.8 an M103 engine, the same block as the older 300E 3.0. Or is it the newer M104 as in the 300SL-24. Or is it whatever they fitted into the just-been-replaced E-class at the start of its life (was it M104, anyone know?)


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