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Oil pressure gauge - 92' 400e

Hello everybody,

Please help me determine the problem with my oil pressure gauge. As soon as I start the engine, it jumps to max (3). It does not matter if I idling, accelerating or anything else, it is always stays on max. All other gauges are working fine.

Also lately I am experiencing another problem. If I accelerate fast and drive the car above 60 m/h and then I stop at a stop light, the car begins to shake/tremble in small intervals. The engine never dies, the rpm do not jump high or low, just the shaking. Once I try to move from the stop light, even very slowly, the engine has no power and it continues to shake/tremble. Again the engine never dies, but I have to shut off the engine and the immediately turn it back on and everything is fine, until I drive the car hard / fast and then it does the same thing.

Any input / information is greatly appreciative.
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