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This New England winter is killing me! My car wont crank over after a night in the cold, my battery just has no poop. It's an aftermarket one thats pretty small. I want to purchase a new one and wanted to know the max cranking amps I should get. I would like to overkill in this case because the winters are so cold here. I dont know if it will damage anything if I get one with too many cranking amps, anyone know?

Also if there is a preference of brand. I know most will probably say OEM, but I do not think the OEM battery has enough cranking amps for the winters. What about Diehard, Interstate, etc.?

By the way the increased power of the battery is also necessary since I have a high power radio and amplifiers in the car.

Thanx, stuck for now...

By the way it's a 87 300E.

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