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Tried changing the oil for Dexron III - no improvement. I now find that when it's hot it pulls forward strongly when in neutral (much more than in D) and it's very reluctant to go backwards at all. I won't use the car any more if I'm likely to meet heavy traffic.
The box has to come out.
I'm considering fitting a secondhand transmission while I rebuild the duff one but am having trouble finding one with the same number as mine (722 359). I know the last 2 digits identify the model & year but is there a chart somewhere that would identify which box fitted which car? Mine is a 300TE 24, M104 engine, 3 litre 24 valve, with variable valve timing and no catalytic converter (230bhp compared with the 188bhp from the M103 version sold here). I therefore don't want a transmission from a 250D!
PS This engine had a head gasket go last year at 175000m
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