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Check out the last paragraph in this article. This guy is amazing. Wonder if his mercedes wagon is a W123?

John keeps the Phoenix in a one-car garage attached to his 1767 house, but had a couple other cars he wanted to show me. One, parked in his post-and-beam barn beside his daily driver Mercedes station wagon, was his Consulier GTP, which he’s owned since new. The street version of the Consulier, it’s powered by a turbocharged and intercooled Chrysler 2.2L four-cylinder engine. He handed me the keys and pointed me toward the town of Lakeville. “I rarely drive it because I’m ashamed to be seen in it,” he said. “Women, children and some eccentric males love it. I think it’s ugly. But it goes like hell.”

I listened to him reminisce about racing as we ate a late brunch. After our test drive in the Consulier, he directed me toward a diesel-powered Mercedes sedan that he said he bought new in Stuttgart and brought to the States. He then added a Fitch fuel catalyst, an Evans waterless pressureless cooling system and modified the emergency brake to work on each rear wheel independently. “Works great in the snow now!” he said. Sitting in the side yard, it hadn’t run in a while and the tall grass underneath it had accelerated the rust along the rockers. John admitted the brake lines had rusted through as well, and wasps and hornets greeted us when the hood was lifted. Still, with a jumpstart on the battery, the diesel clattered to life. John ran it for a few minutes, proud that it didn’t emit any diesel smoke, then shut it down, headed inside and rested for a while.

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