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Fuel tank/Stalling

Took a small road trip from Chicago to Akron, OH in my 85 300TD. After getting there and driving around town, the car started hesitating and stalling at stop lights or whenever it idled. The fuel gauge indicated that I was near empty, so I presumed the stalling was due to low fuel. To my surprise, when I filled up, I was only able to squeeze in 14 gallons of fuel. My GPS was telling me that I had gone about 360 miles since I topped off when I left Chicago (about 26 mpg). The car ran perfectly after the fill up. Same scenario occurred a few days later, and again, I was only able to fill up with about 14 gallons. In the meantime, I noticed my fuel gauge is bouncing around quite a bit and sometimes just stays buried on E, even after a fill up.

Any thoughts on why I am stalling when I appear to have 2-3 gallons in the tank?
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