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POR-15 is great stuff. Are you using this as a rustproofing or is there definetly rust that you are covering. POR-15 is meant for rusted metal. If it's too be used on clean metal, the metal has to be prepped with their "Metal-clean". Also, since you can't really see inside the rockers, it would be impossible to see if everything got covered. If you have never used this stuff before, let me give you a heads up. Anything, and I mean anything, that you use to apply the stuff will be ruined. You will not be able to clean out a brush or anything, once this stuff starts to dry. I had a brush that hardened so much, I was able to use the brush to cut into a piece of pine. Nothing will clean/dislove this stuff. I even let the brush soak in gasoline for over a week, and it did nothing. So if you use a garden nozzle, kiss it good bye.
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