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Thumbs up Erratic Idle on '94 E320 Solved!!!

Erratic idling gone. My car was idling badly when it was in park position from 550 and jumping to 1200 rpm. Also, when decelerating I can also feel the erratic idling. I have no problem whatsoever when I accelerate. This causes my smog inspection to fail in idle rpm mode. When I checked the reading on my diagnostic box, The led gives off 10 flashes that tells me the mass air flow sensor is bad. To make sure that the air flow sensor was the one that really causing the problem, I disassembled the EGR pipe and cleaned the carbon deposits inside. I also cleaned the trotle valve and the intake manifold pipe and poured injector cleaner in the gas tank. Everything else failed so, I suspect that the air flow sensor was really the problem. I took out the old sensor and measured its resistance values on different terminals as my reference. These are my readings (bad sensor) terminals 1-4 = 245K ohms, 4-5=10 ohms, 1-2 = 247K, 2-4 = 1.53K. The voltage reading on the connector wires: 2-4, 2-1, 2-5 all are 14.7V. New sensor readings (good one) 1-4=25K, 4-5=43.6K, 1-2=25.9K, 2-4=789 ohms. Anyone who has a problem like mine you can refer to these values before you commit yourself of a new sensor. I bought mine here and I got it the next day.
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