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The condition of the body metal is not a good indicator of the engine in my experience. I have seen really good engines in rusted out bodies. When I say really good I mean far above average.

If I were you I might start by checking the motor mounts and engine shock mounts if you wish. Valve adjustment is a maintenance required item every 15k. Although every valve clearance check will not always mean all of them need adjustment. They should still be checked.

On an older unmaintained example there are so many things to check out in the fuel supply that you should get a 10.00 30 pound gauge from a place like harbour freight. Make sure it is a liquid dampened one. I recommend a permanent installation unless you have to use it on multipal cars.

Stretching the spring only works if you have the pressure available to use the increased relief valve setting. The gauge will tell you if your fuel filters are clear enough, the lift pump producing properly, the screen in the tank clean, fuel lines not obstructed etc. Also the gauge lets you set the pressure where it should be. You want 19 pounds operational base pressure with overflow capabilities still existing from the relief valve.

To be fair the milli volt thing is reserved for the times when everything obvious has been looked at. Then it can help locate problems rather than just spending money by shotgunning. That can be a very painful methology and you can still have the problem remaining afterwards. Many have experienced this. I can easily live without the financial pain involved.

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