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The car has only seen highway miles since I've had it. Back and forth on the turnpike to work. That's it. I bought this car used. At the time it had about 37k on it. It drove beautifully for about a year, then the ride went bad. I got a VMI before I bought it, took it to a good import shop, and they gave it a clean bill of health. Carfax (for what it's worth) showed nothing. It spent it's life in Colorado Springs before I got it. I found crayons and a pacifier jammed underneath the pax seat - it was a family car. Maybe dad drove the hell out of it - I don't know. I do know that I've put a lot of money into the car that I didn't expect: tranmission computer, motor mounts, A/C compressor, evaporator, condenser, fuel pump, water pump, mod valve, control arm bushings, drag link, steering damper, 2 sets of tires, etc. The VMI showed a head gasket was replaced at about 3k, and that's was about it. Most was covered under extended warranty, but even they have given up paying out. I even got worried that the car really had been wrecked - I got it rechecked and they said it hadn't. That's why I have posed the question if any or all of these parts typically go bad at 40-50k. The only thing that has run great is the motor - just had it's 50k check and it's smooth as silk. I bought a new '97 C280 and the only problem it's had was it needed a new a/c compressor and transmission computer. All covered under warranty. I put new tires and control arm bushings on it, and it's drives great. So, I do know what a C280 is supposed to drive like. I hope you see my frustration. The car's been in the shop more than I have gotten to drive it. Now bone-jarring road reflectors and bumps, and car shakes. Raul at Ultimate must think I'm crazy; could not duplicate everytime. The MB shop foreman did feel the vibration, but the next time he drove it - you guessed it, could not duplicate. So I'm guessing I should just drive it until something actually BREAKS so the warranty company will talk again - I've tried to be proactive and keep way ahead of the car. So I'm always open to suggestions - did I buy a lemon?

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