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Originally Posted by soothappens View Post
Well for about twenty cents worth of parts ( two 1/2 inch flat washers ) and an hours worth of work I fabricated 2 indestructible upper shock mounts.

I welded the flat washers into the top mount about 3/8 from the bottom and then used a spare set of bottom mount bushings to secure the shock into the mount. tightening the nut squeezed the bushings tight into the mount.
This replicated the factory mount but without the chance of the rubber pulling through. (thanks to a frugal wife )

I reinstalled them on the car and the engine is smooth as glass. Wow what a car!!
Yes the shocks do make a difference on the 617 and not just for shut down.

As for the air Barry I'm going to try the aux fuel supply and I will post results. The fuel pressure definitely improved the performance . To think If I hadn't gone the round about way on this problem I most likely would be replacing the injection pump before long.

A very big thank you to all !!
That's it, I'm ordering these next
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