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Originally Posted by clintard View Post
Barry, ive gone through a lot of your past posts in different threads and read them. You know your stuff. Are you an engineer? Thanks for your help, you are appreciated.

I will do the valve adjustment as soon as i can and re check them after a few hundred miles.

I will also take before and after videos of both cars cold and hot so if it helps our problem other noobies can see. If you would like to see anything else in the videos i can do that too. Dont hesitate to ask.

Last night we took the relief valve out of my friends car, measured the spring at 21mm and stretched it to 27mm. Put it back in and we havnt noticed a difference. I have yet to check mine as id like to see what my base pressure is with a gauge before i stretch it.
Now if you clamp or close the return line off on that car and there is no difference. I expect there will be none by the way. Your operational fuel presssure is pretty low. All the clamp off in your case is doing is verification the relief valve is not open . I still believe this is not your primary problem. Just that it deserves to be rectified for the car to run well. Add it to the list to deal with later.

As for me? Of no importance. Just an average guy with many interests that is always too busy. I would feel more comforatable on this site if I were a working mechanic. Since I am not I really try to suggest what my approaches would be in a simular situation as a poster. Many other members do the same exact thing remember. We all have something to contribute in my opinion.

Also I am an occassional amateur mechanic I suppose with not enough time to get my hands dirty usually. Plus I have always had an inquisitive mind.

Remember I will be and can be wrong on things as well.

I also like probing into areas not well covered or understood in general by the majority of us. There will be failures yet from the probes knowledge will grow for all of us to use if we wish. The posters really help with their experiences. Remember it is far from one sided. It takes a lot of effort and positive results by many before any general new approaches are accepted.

For example if you purchase a gauge to check the fuel pressure. You are still amongst the few as this to me important usage has not solidified yet. Once you correct the problem and post others will be tempted to try it or at least seriously consider it. You have to prove concepts in spades before people will change.

With the support of this site and your participation you and your friend will get your cars repaired. That is one of the primary reasons you are here and this site does cater to it. You in theory cannot bond with an inanimate object yet with old diesel cars it can and does happen.
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