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Turn signals and tach died - coincidence?

Within the last week, the tach on my '85 300D stopped working correctly, and now the turn signal relay seems to be on its way out. Sometimes the signals don't work, sometimes they do. Is this a great coincidence, or is there something I don't know that may tie the two things together?

More info: the turn signals were clicking rather quietly lately, it is conceivable the relay is dying. The tach was working great up until one day it started giving a needle position that was directly related to the position of the accelerator rather than actual engine rpms. For example, if I'm going down the highway - if it works at all - it will show about 800 rpm. If I let my foot off, it drops to zero. Foot back on, back up to 800 rpms. Even more info: about two weeks prior, I had it in the shop for A/C work (don't get me started on that subject), but the mechanic is one of the best in Houston, if he messed something up it was probably not due to incompetence or ignorance. Oh yeah, the tach thing started on the day that the A/C stopped working, presumably due to lost R12 pressure from a leaky compressor. Long story.

Any ideas? I'd like to get my signals working, even though no one else in Houston uses them.


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