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Well the turn signals worked on the way to work this morning, but still no tach or A/C.

OK, cleaned up the fuses just now. From the Haynes manual, it appears that the turn signal relay is on fuse 2. Hard to say, it doesn't give a diagram for '85 US models. After I cleaned up the fuse, I put it back in and it arced a tiny bit when it touched the contacts. ??? The clock is also on fuse 2, I guess that's where the current is going.

The weird thing is that after the fuse cleanup I tried the A/C and it started to work again. The tach needle moves around but not in direct relation to engine revs. Turn signals seem to work a little faster, though that could be wishful thinking.

Question - until the signals start to fail again, I'll have to let that remain a mystery, but what's the next step to diagnose the tach problem?


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