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82' 240d - sunroof and odometer issues

Well hello! My name is Cam. I've been a leach here for a while and joined only after finally getting my own W123. It has the usual issues - vacuum stuff, A/C not blowing cold, dingy interior...all typical. But it has three issues that, if y'all are feeling particularly generous, I would love your advice and opinions about.

1 - The sunroof. It seems to open fine when it is warm outside, but not want to open or close without significant encouragement when it's cool outside. Any recommendations about that?

2 - The odometer stops turning when the trip odometer hits 79.9mi. It gets stuck and won't turn over to 80 and when this happens, the primary odometer refuses to turn, too.

3 - Oh yeah. The passenger door does not unlock with the key...

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also any general advice for a newbie would be great, too. I hate to be a bother or ask too much of such a great community right out of the shoot.

Thanks for such a great forum and for all the information!


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