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Peter - ya'll drive careful and have a good time - drink water whether you are thirsty or not .

Early tomorrow morning I am driving 180 miles to go take a look at an original owner 240D with manual tranny (26x,xxx miles). Maybe it won't follow me home . I will post the phone no, etc. on this site if I don't purchase it and it looks as good as it sounds.

I am planning on going by the dealer Monday morning and take a look at the picture they have for the vacuum modulator area and get whatever I need. Like you, I am pretty sure there is supposed to be a spring in there, otherwise what pushes the modulator pin back. Hopefully, this will get the tranny working the way it should. I messed myself up by driving a 300D and SD with a properly working tranny. Oh yea, the downshift solenoid is inoperative too so I will be getting it back into service over the next couple weeks. I have power to the switch and the switch works.
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