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Originally Posted by nucor View Post
4 air injection inoperative would that have to deal with air sensor.
6 idle speed control
17 data exchange malfuntion between control modle
19 fuel injectors open/short self adaptation
20 speed signal would that have to deal with sensor on wheels

how do i fix theses problem 6,17,19 if i got 4, 20 right
Don't address your questions just to one person, you want lots of people to participate. Plus you could misspell that one person's name. But go to the Startekinfo site above, find the code, look in the right hand column for the 'remedy/test". It usually points to another step - which in this case is going to be to build the code reader and read the codes on the other diagnostic modules/pins. 4 is air pump related, maybe a vacuum hose. Idle speed control is a system, could be lots of thing, worst case is a throttle actuator. But next step is to build the 38 pin code reader.
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