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I belive you have solex carbs , on them there is no butterfly for cold start.
And on those cars brake fuild can get in the oil ,from the brake boster pull dipstick out and smell and see if the oil is thin. It sound like it started and you lost spark, and then it started to spark again.And check to see if the muffler ex- is open. where did the fluild come from the air cleaner are on. Check hose from valve cover. You can go to autoparts store and get a spark tester[we use to make them, somtimes there are in lawn mower section no more than 10$ you will use it again] this way you do not have to hold spark plug to test ,its a spark plug with a clip on it, there is no end on plug over electrode so spark has to jump to otter ring , this will tell you 2 things if you have spark and how hot it is.If you have spark with a plug from engine, no spark with the tester your spark is not hot enought to run engine.
this has nothing to do with problem but fuel filter should be before fuel pump.
if still having problems ,drink a beer and email in morning.
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