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There was a DTB on the .3 trannys doing this. K2 accumulator spring kit. Available for about 5 bucks from Benz. Follow the instructions in the kit or if you can find them I'll fax you a blow up of the valvebody and the accumulators location. There also is a kit for 3-4 upshift.

However, its its been doing this for awhile, the clutch pack is probaly worn and the apply piston leaking as well whichh means overhaul time. Do yourself a favoe, KEEP the old spring and piston as you'll want them if you do overhaul it. I fought one for a couple days with a super hard 2-3 shift that turned out to have this kit in the valvebody. Once I reinstalled the old style spring and valve in K2 accumulator it shifted great.

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