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Originally Posted by ejboyd5 View Post
If Dorothy is running well I would replace the underhood fuel filter and leave the tank well enough alone. Anything regarding removal/replacement of the bung fitting is similar to a household plumbing repair - at least one thing on each side of the item you are trying to fix will break or leak in the process. If your tank is not leaking don't touch it.
I have heard this before ...from people who bring their cars to me to sort out which always involves clean 40-60 years of rust out of the fuel tanks .
Just like the old saying about computers, "...**** in **** out...." If you insist on driving with dirty fuel tank ,don't blame the car when it stops . And removing the bung just involves sticking a 14mm key in there and undoing it.
But having said that,if such a task is beyond a person and they're not capable of replacing a sealing ring and tightening it up again,leave to the pro's.
i posted this picture before...note that this is only the filter in the tank bung... this particular car has full service history and notes from drivers right back to 1962 and as the car got older ,comments were about not being able to start easily when hot,inability to climb steep drives or hills and the need to change down when driving on hilly roads... leave it at your peril.
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