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""-How many miles on the car?
-Does the rear sit lower than the front, unloaded?
-Depending on miles you may want to check the front suspension for:
-Worn balljoints
-Front wheel bearing adjustment
-bad tie-rod ends
-leaking shocks: a lot of oil down the sides.
-Idler arm bushings
-The steering shock (it could simply be this) ""

-the car has roughly 312000+ miles on it.(dont know when components were changed)
-The rear does not sit much lower than the front.
-the front tie rod ends are unfortunately shot (lots of play).
-every thing is so black on the underside form a leaking muffler that it is impossible to tell oil from soot.
-also i feel all the vibration coming as though the chasis is sitting directly on the rear trailing arms.
-i am not sure if it is psychological but i could swear that she leans a little to the left.
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