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The dealer replaced the defective wiring harness, transmission harness, and another harness that was defective, and paid for all under a goodwill service(which I was extrememly happy about). What I was upset about was the HFM Control Unit had to be replaced.

The dealer told me that the car would not stay running (stalling, etc. - a problem I have never had in the car)after the wiring harnesses were replaced and the control unit must be replaced. The dealer and the Mercedes Zone Rep. stressed to me that a faulty harness could not have damaged the control unit(when several independent reps have told me it could). The Zone rep did offer to help me out as much as he could (the matter is not resolved yet) and I do not have my car back.

I wish I had known about this defect before I had taken my car in to get it serviced originally. This has been a long ongoing problem and my car had been mis-diagnosed by several independent servicers. I am 23 years old and straight out of college, and this is the first car I bought out on my own. Needless to say, this has been one headache after another, and I don't know if I will ever buy one of these things again.
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