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190D 2.2L w/5-speed

Although I admit to shutting off the air conditioner for freeway onramps while I lived in LA, the 2.2L was powerful enough for me in the '84 190D. However, if I had the auto trans, like my cousin, I would be suicidal withing two weeks!!! I find acceleration just fine with the 5-speed, and the mileage is consistently 33 - 41 mpg, depending on the type of driving I do. I had almost 300K miles on it before I decided to have engine and clutch work done on it, and maintenance was a breeze, . . . just change the oil, filter and two fuel filters. Occasionally, when I had to go to a MB mechanic, I would have them adjust the valves and check the timing chain. I got great service out of my little car before someone creamed it while it was parked!!! As far as safety, the trunk collapsed to under the rear windshield, but no damage to passanger area, and the windshield is still intact.!!! I'd like to know if there is any relationship to the early 190D of the late 60s and early 70's to my '84 engine.

What kind of mileage does the 2.5L 190 get? Can someone give me info on that?
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