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It might still be heavy...

Originally Posted by GGR View Post
Will do. But given that the car will be without rad, engine, trans, front and rear axle, prop shaft and fuel tank I guess it will be light enough to be put on a rotisserie (I could also take off the seats but not the glass or the doors). If I can find one to rent, I'd rather go that way: It will be safer and way easier.
If you take stuff off it will be lighter but here's some information to put things in context:-

On my 1981 W123 300D I have recently

Removed the fuel tank (and all fuel lines)
Removed the wheels and brakes
Removed all of the front suspension components
Removed the prop shaft and exhaust
Removed the rear suspension differential and sub frame

I pretty much stripped the underside except for the gear box (auto) and engine - in the engine bay:- removed oil cooler lines, master brake cylinder, brake booster, radiator, power steering pump, battery etc etc

Stripped out the seats inside too...

HERE'S the point:-

Could I lift the back of the car off of the axle stands?

Could I bugg...
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