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Vibrations with NEW engine mounts?

I recently changed my engine mounts. I haven't changed the transmission mount yet (plan to within a week or two).

I am somewhat concerned as here are my results:
-Idle became smooth, like the engine is off
-Below 4,000rpm it became smoother
-Above 4,000rpm it became rougher
-Vibrations are not felt equally in the car. In the front it is smoother than the rear.
-Vibrations are RPM dependent, NOT speed dependent.

Engine mounts used were febi/bilstein
Engine is a M111.960 (2.2). 62,000miles
I plan on doing the transmission mount and then maybe taking it to a mechanic. I doubt the transmission mount will have an effect as it got harsher in rpm ranges that it used to be smoother in.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I know this is a 4 cylinder engine, and I am unsure if I am just expecting too much, but it really doesn't seem like what a Mercedes should be like
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