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indy put in the pick up assembly last night, didn't fix it. next up is the ignition control module but now i'm questioning my indys ideas.

at this point i'm thinking of going at it alone. back to the drawing board. i've ordered a new coil, i'm sourcing and buying the ICM. the problem is that any of the ideas i'm getting from people, i've never done before. i might start tackling all of these ideas but i'm going to need help with procedures.

i've got a new fuel filter to put in. guess i should look at the pump again.

crankshaft position sensor? i didn't think my car had one but maybe it does? anyone know where it's located so i can look at it? anyone know how to diagnose it and/or replace it?

now my wife's giving me sarcastic smiles, asking me if i want to track down my 300D and buy it back...
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