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Originally Posted by Squabble View Post
i know, i know...they're hard to come by in upstate ny. even the closest mercedes dealership was 45 minutes away. that went out of business and now the closest is over an hour away. the only guys who work on mercedes around here take great cars and set them up for veggie oil. that's the extent of their mercedes knowledge...

alright, ICM is next, a few people here PM'd me with used ones. they'll go in the car. IF that doesn't work, what's next? i need suggestions for plans of action because i need to: order parts and get them here, get my car out of my work lot, get this damn thing running! any other possible ideas to share?

i really appreciate this help! thank you everyone!
Maybe post on this board or "search" for a good mechanic in your area.
Like MercMad gotta rule out what it is one by one.

A poorly removed alarm caused my 300CE to stop all of a sudden. It was hard to trace, but I got a wiring diagram and a multimeter, and started from the battery.... tracing where power is getting to. turned out the supply to the coil was interrupted due to the alarm being removed. To re-make the connection, the PO just twisted the bare wires around eachother. They corroded after a few years and eventually broke the connection to the coil, causing me grief!
Best of luck with finding the fault.
9/10 times its something simple.
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