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Parts are not that hard to find. I have an engine manual for the car. I also have parts...

$1,000 too much? Compared to what? Are there five other 1959 diesel cars to select from at $1,000.00? I doubt that you could find a better one for that price.

The real question you want answered is; "How much will it cost to safely drive the car on the road?"

Assume that all of the rubber on the car needs to be replaced. Tires, cooling hoses, belts, fuel lines, windshield/back window seals, tie rods, bushings, weather strip for the doors and trunk.

Also assume that the brake system needs to be rebuilt. You can get caliper rebuilding kits for about $50 each times four. Master cylinder rebuild kit for $50.00. Brake shoes can be re-lined for $35.00 per shoe times eight.

Water pump, alternator, radiator, air conditioning? Heater cores?

I paid $1,000 for the Emerald Bullet, my 1962 Fintail 220S. I spent about $2500 without making the car look pretty. $500 was for the windshield, front and rear window gaskets and installation. I was $3500 deep in the car when the engine threw a rod. Is the car worth $3500? Not if it doesn't run. Before the engine failed I could have sold the car for $5000.00 if my wife needed a kidney transplant.

I have an engine sitting in my garage. The missing link is coming via UPS and then I can swap motors. I can't wait to drive the Bullet again... The old cars have a soul that new cars can't match.

Go see the car. Are you willing to put an additional $3-5k into the car to make it run safely and look good? Could you find a better car for $5,000.00 total. Yes. You can find a garage kept little old lady Mercedes if you search day and night and get there first.

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