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I think it is a good buy for $1,000. I paid $1,200 for my 200D (fintail, not ponton) and it was a very similar story and condition as that one. You'll spend at least the purchase price of the car on parts to make it a reliable driver (unless you score some deals on eBay like a new alternator for $40), so be prepared.

It's funny because at the local Pull-A-Part I have seen a few pontons over the years. One time they even had three at once!

People say the 190Ds are slow, but they are the same displacement as the 200D engine, and my 200D is plenty fast. It will throw me back in my seat and I have no problem getting up to 60 MPH when merging into traffic and then holding 70 MPH, even though my injectors and pump need work. I've never had to worry about it being too slow except for when I was at 7,000 feet and it was running too rich.

I got my 200D last December, I think, with flat tires, barely running, etc. and I just got back from driving it 2,000 miles across 4 states. I actually drive it to work every day!
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