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Angry Help- Vacuum problems

Help, I have a 1984 300D TurboDiesel and it seems that I have several vacuum related problems. The trans shifts hard in all gears but if I floor it it seems right. THe hose to the trans holds vacuum just fine.

Also on the picture attached - if I disconnect the hose that has the green thing on it, should I be getting vacuum at the top of the white thing while the engine is running. ( I can't feel any if I put my finger on it - the same for the side outlet) Also the hose that goes to the black thing at the top of the engine that I have circled is losing vacuum. What is that thing and should I be losing vacumm at it?

My door locks seems to work fine - although I can't lock the doors from the inside, I have to use the key. They hold fine overnight and I can lock them about 6 times without running the engine.

I'm trying to chase down the ACC not letting air through the center vents only the defrost. I watch the diaphram move by vacuum when I take out the glove box - so It is getting vacuum there.
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