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S320 new rad????

I'm wondering what the operating temp of the S320 should be. Tonight I was driving home, and the outside temp sensor was readying 16C, and the water temp gauge was reading almost 100. I had no AC on. I also couldn't get the car to cool down in traffic today w/o the AC on. It was running around the 110c mark or higher.
How does one check a rad for cold spots??
I replaced the h2o pump and tstat 2 years ago.
Fan clutch was replaced recently....
While standing, I turned on the AC, and it idled up to about 100C on the dash gauges. I didn't rive the car, just let it idle. I then checked the hoses with an infrared thermometer. The top hose was 93-94C, and the bottom hose was 89-90. The cooling difference on the heater core hoses was about 20 degrees with the heat on max, and the fan going full tilt.
So, I guessing that means a new rad. Do shops do a good job cleaning them, or do I have to get a new one??
If new, the question is, Behr or Nissens??
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