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I could not find anything in the archivies similar to my problem.
'84 190E. I have had the car for about 7 months, in which time the gage has almost always read 3 bar, occasionally dropping to 2 .something on hot days at idle. The car has been at a repair garage for the past week and a half, with little running (work was suspension). When I started the car this morning tha gage read 3 bar and I did't notice it for the remaining fifty miles. On the way home this afternoon after driving approximetly 5 miles and setting at a light the gage was reading a little over zero. I bliped the throttle and the gage responded by raising a little and then dropping. As I pulled away from the light the gage raised with engine revs, reading abouy 2 bar @ 3K rpm, at wich point I would shift gear. I quickly pulled over and checked oil level after a minute, there was plenty. I chanced the remaining 45 mils home, gaged responded the same way, rising with the engine to 2 bar @ 3k rpm and dropping to a little over 0 bar @ idle. What's happening, what tests should I perform? Oil pump?

Thanks in advance
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