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Starting the Journey

I'm contemplating the slide into this obsessive yet rewarding realm of Mercedes diesel ownership.

While mechanically inclined, I'm sure there are areas where the not necessarily novice wrencher should fear to tread.

I have yet to purchase a specimen, opting for the opinions of the masses before picking from the vast cornucopia of formidable beasts residing on the meganet.

I have, however, tentatively decided on a 240d manufactured in Germany.

Now the questions, many of which I have no idea of what to ask.

1) Best year.

I'm going for reliability and build quality here, hence the 240d.

I don't need the bells and whistles. I want a 4 speed. No turbo. If I'm hot Iíll turn on the a/c or roll down the window (manually). If it's cold I'll turn the heater on. I get sleepy with the cruise control.

2) What to look for.

Of course I would like to get a prime specimen with 97,000 for $1500 on ebay, but I know the odds are long on that one, so . . .

If it has less than 200k what should I expect to be broken or soon to be broken? 200k -250k? Over 250k how scared am I? Cost of repairs by myself or by competent non-dealer mechanic?

What should have been replaced at or before these points?

3) How much to pay?

Any sage wisdom would be appreciated and respected.

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