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Originally Posted by wolf_walker View Post
50 year old wiring that has been yanked and flexed around to remove then re-install would concern me some. Especially in light of that car's recent escapades. But there isn't a cheap solution other than used parts. If stock is required I would consider re-using the connectors and building a new harness with new wire. There's what, five wires on that thing anyway eh?
I agree! If I was going to completely rewire the car, I would buy spools of new wire and use Mercedes connectors. The plugs are easily dismantled and the solder connections are easily undone. There are no "Printed Circuit Boards" or computers on these vintage cars; it is straight forward basic wiring.

This is probably a good time to remind everyone that leaking fuel lines or carburetors are dangerous. If you can smell gas fumes in your engine compartment your car can catch fire.

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