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Question Paint Job Advice HELP! I'm confused

OK I've read as much as I can stand on the subject and now it's time for more opinions.

I want to get my car repainted. It has allready been paiting silver over brown and it was a bad paint job. Bad int hat there's overspray and they didn't do the door jams. The paint itself doesn't llook bad but I plan on replacing the hood and fender due to a proir accident.

Anyway I was planning on just getting a cheap paint job and trying ot do most of the prep work myself by removing as much chrome as possible and treating any problem arteas that I can before going to paint.

However I was taking to my neighbor has got me thinking that the cheap paint job at the chainpalces will be trashed in a year. We're in California and I can't park in a garage all the time. Is that true? Is it the paint itself? I know that the cheap paint job is not the same process as the original paint but we wont be painting on original paint.

If I take it to a pro place I know that I'm mainly paying for the time and effort to remove parts and mask it carefully. Are the materials/paint itself better? I've only read that modern paint is much better than what this car was originally painted with.

Or is it a matter of taking car of the paint that makes it last years and years.

In the end I'm trying to spend around $1000 but if it's not worth it and it will only lsat a few years then I may wait much longer to do this if at all.

I know many may wish to reply that you get what you pay for but if that's the case I need to know why ;-) I know a reputable place that gets business from Mercedes resellers will be at least $3000.

If the chain places are out of the question what questions do i need to ask when getting bids from smaller shops to make sure that they are going to do the job right? Types of paints and process etc.

Thanks in advance for the advice and for reading my long post.

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