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Originally Posted by michaeld View Post
In terms of quality, durability, reliability, and any other quality you might care to add, which was Mercedes' finest era? When did they make their best cars? If you pick a given model/year/period, what are your reasons?

This might be skewed toward older cars because it is located in the pre-79 portion of the forum. So what about newer Mercedes models? Are the 2000+ models the epitome of Mercedes quality? Why or why not?
I can't speak to the newest cars, since I don't own any-- by design.

Here are my picks through the years, based on driving or owning or both:

W136 170 gasser- survived WW2, Stalingrad, and was made for ten years after the war, absolute can-smasher, bulletproof transportation

OM636 170D - terrific utility car, engine used in industrial applications until 2003! That beats out everyone else, even Citroen! 1950-2003

1950-1960-1970s 6 cylinder. In pontons, fintails and stroke/8 cars
Power and luxury based on needs 220 to 280 series-- all good.

W116- class beyond class for the executive or the amateur enthusiast

W123 diesels- whether 4 or 5 cylinders, it had durability, power, luxury dependability

W107 series: from the 70s to the 80s, reviving the concept of the Mercedes roadster was never a bad idea, as long as the marketing and finance weenies kep their hands of the cars!
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1950 170SD
1951 Citroen 11BN
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1953 220a project
1959 180D
1960 190D
1960 Borgward Isabella TS 2dr
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1983 380SL
1990 350SDL daily driver alt
3 x Citroen DS21M, down from 5
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