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Unhappy Air conditioning problem....1986 420SEL.

The last hot day I drove my Mercedes, the airconditioning worked just fine. We had a terrific Alabama super thunderstorm complete with pyrotechnics and when I went to drive the car, the electric windows and windshield wipers would not work. I did not try the A/C. I played with the fuses the next day and got the windows and wipers working and was quite proud of myself. I did not try the air until today. It doesn't work. The compressor clutch does not pull in. I ran a jumper from the fuse box, fuses are ok, and the clutch pulls in. So, I am guessing the clutch is OK. The clutch, however, does not pull in when I try to run the air from the passenger compartment. The fans run etc; but, no clutch, no compressor, no cold air. Does anyone have any suggestions for a logical sequence to trouble shoot the problem. I added some freon to the system in June and it worked just fine. Are there any sensors I should be looking for to assist me in getting this thing to work. It is HOT here now and I need to drive the four seat car. HELP!
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