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Putting out the call

to help a fellow W116 enthusiast in Akron, OH. I have a friend who has a '78 280SE. His car has been at the "mechanics" for months with not much resolution to his problems. My friend believes that his car needs a new head (I thought these to be pretty robust engines ) and it needs a new exhaust as the old one was quite a chop job sans resonators and cats and a rotten muffler.

What he needs is a referral to a reputable shop in the area, or a very helpful board member willing to assess, diagnose and maybe repair.

I have a full exhaust and an engine (can't quite comment on condition as I am unsure myself, but willing to get to him for near nothing to help) but I need to get it to Akron cost effectively for it to be helpful.

Has anyone on here ever participated in a transport effort similar to that of a chain gang?

For being a relatively new member I am asking a lot. I guess I care about the propagation of the 116 chassis and want to do al I can to see one stay on the road.

Thoughts, comments, criticisms?

P.S. I will be posting this on every MB board I belong to
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