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Thanks Peter,

>>>Now, for the choices -- I assume you don't want to learn to spray yourself, although this is the cheapest in terms of cash spent -- you will have to do all the work yourself, and believe me, you don't wan't to learn on a collectible car!

I would be interested but I don't think I can deal with it currently.. too many details... My car is not especailly collectable but I don't every want to have to do this again.. in other words this car better die before the paint does ;-)

>>>What you need to do is find a paint shop that will work with you by allowing you to do the bulk of the boring and easy part -- prep.

I'm looking.. seem to be plenty of shops here in LA and in my neighborhood. I'm hopin gsomebody can give a reccomendation over in the shop forum.

>>>You will need to remove ALL the trim, and if you want the doors to match (and you are changing the color), strip the doors, remove all gaskets, and all the windows and trim.

I think Ican get most of the trim off without any problem. I would consider stripping the doors doen. I have allready bought all the gaskets. I don't think I would go so far as to remove the interior.

>>>Once you get all the trim, etc off, you need to sand the paint, carefully, with the appropriate shape blocks, down to where you can see the orignial factory primer, but not through it.

What happens if you go through the factory primer.. what if the Previous owner removed some of the paint down to the metal?

>>>The last, and the only chain I would recommend, is MAACO. They will limit you to the colors they use (they buy the stuff in 55 gal. drums), but it is good paint, not cheap stuff. They will do the very minimum of prep, no body work,

Maaco you say.. I only want a Silver so they should have that.. Don't you mean that they woul dchrage extra to do bodywork or do they just avoid old cars? Hopefully no body work to be done that isn't being replaced with better panels. There's a few dents I'm going to work on myself since they are easy to get at.

>>>I don't know if the use acceptable primer under the paint or not, you will have to ask.
What is acceptable?

>>>One think I strongly recommend you DON'T do is get a cheap color only paint job -- I have the remains of one slowly wrecking the paint on the 280 -- it is peeling off, but adheres just enough to crack through the factory primer first, causing the factory paint to fail.

Well that sounds like what my neighbor described.. I think my budget covers more than just a coat of paint andI can sand and they can hopefuly shoot it right so everything will be OK.

I'd still like to get some specific info on what type of paint, system and primer is best.

Thanks again

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