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No, if you sand through the primer, you need to spray primer on it within an hour -- if you let the rust start, it pits the metal, and you leave some if you sand again later, unless you REALLY sand it hard. Then you have a dip in the metal, etc. Best not to cut through.

I'm not sure of the amount of body work Maaco does, my info is probably out of date and secondhand. They won't be much cheaper on body work than anyone else, their real strength is the quality of the paint they use.

You will get what you pay for, and body work/painting is one of those professions that really draws con artists -- go to a reputable shop that does good work (call a couple insurance companies, the better ones like State Farm and ask them who is on their prefered provider list, then go visit). You can often find a family type operation that really likes to do good work, and will do a good job for you just for the pride. Don't try to cheap them down.

I could recommend a superb shop here, but I'd reasonably certain you wouldn't want to make the trip just to get the car painted!

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