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>>Do you have an air compressor and do you have an indoor place to work on your car ?

Unfortunately I don't.. I was thinking of trying to make an air tight room in the garage port using plastic sheets but it' s not practical and the idea started to freak out my girlfriend. That's out!

I guess there are rental paint booths but again it gets so complicated... arghhh!! Well I'm no where near doing this yet. I still have to finish the mechanical stuff on this car in order for this to be worth it. If I move before I'm done you can be sure I'll be looking for a house with a private garage!

On another note I'm trying to decide what to do with the "rusty" car. Like I sauid it's the parts car and I don't car a whole lot above it but it seems a shame to let this rust progress.. I've been thinking of sanding it and then spraying it with rust stop spraypaint and then just leave it at that. Or If I had the space I would use it to experiment on..

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