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Originally Posted by evoldeal View Post
Here is a pic of the inside of the original reflector, and yes it is the same size.

Does this look familiar, the older/newer version you were speaking of.

It has housing for 2 12v 55w bulbs and one tiny bulb above.

Thanks for your thoughts~
I'm not familiar with your twin-lamp 55-watt 7" Euro reflectors, but my '60 Fintail has early Euros with one R2-Bilux bulb, and a second tiny bayonet-bulb mounted in each reflector that functions as a low-watt parking-light.
My early Fintail Euro wiring hook-up was strictly 'Plug-N-Play, but later cars may require some rewiring with a Euro conversion for all the lamps to function correctly.

Happy Motoring, Mark

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