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Actually, if the center 3"x 8" dash speaker in these cars is intact, they don't sound too bad. Some of the coupes used to have a matching 3"x 8" speaker factory installed in the rear shelf if a stereo-radio was fitted. Don't know where a second factory speaker would go to provide stereo in a convertible.
The small kick-panel stereo-speakers fitted to some Mercedes at that time are pretty mediocre.
If your convertible doesn't have any extra decent-size factory speaker-holes, and you want stereo without hacking-up your interior, you might be able to find a second box-speaker to set on the rear floor. Or disconnect the dash-speaker and set a pair of two-way box-speakers on the rear floor, like the 50-watt pair I placed in my '60 Fintail. With enough power, they can actually sound quite good, again without having to cut holes in the interior.

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