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Fuel filter location

I'm very late to this thread, but I noticed from the pix that the filter is on the output side of the fuel pump. It needs to be on the input side (sucking side, back side) or you could damage your fuel pump. By the way, the clear plastic filters are the best way to go because you can see the condition of the filter without having to remove it. Nice car. The Solex carbs are pretty simple and easy to service. Someone mentioned that these carbs don't have a butterfly choke. The choke is actually a fuel enrichment valve, half way out is fast throttle and all the way out is cold start. If the car won't run right one or both of the valves could be off by 180 degrees - an easy error to make when servicing the carbs. It's easy to check with the car running. But it sounds like you have your problem solved.
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