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103's are much easier than 117's. Hence why they can be done in 4 or 5 hours. Only issues I've run into have been making sure the rocker boxes will torque PRIOR to removal. I've had 2 that had previous repair that needed a couple of inserts.

A quart every 1K is not that bad however, it will only get more enthusiastic about using oil. The last few I did complete top ends on are using no oil between changes, 191K and 170K. 103's dont have the chain issues of 117's either, the only occasional victim is the upper l/h guide which requires the lower cover be pulled for replacment. This guide gets brittle and is easy to break off the top.

To be honest, I've watched 103's, 104's, 112's and 113's that were using the heck out of oil go down the road and never noticed them smoke. The only one I've seen smoke was a couple of 117's. Not to say they dont but, the cats must be tough.

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