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Not sure what your point is

Hi William,

I can infer from the tone of your post you are somehow uncomfortable with my tool selection.

Just like you, and I am sure most others on this site, I work hard for my money and make every effort to spend it wisely. I have no problem (maybe a little) spending money when I perceive I am getting value for the dollars spent.

Not sure why I would choose to spend money when I can make do with a free rental tool.

Furthermore, I would gladly purchase my parts and tools for that matter straight from the dealer if I got anywhere near the customer service and professional courtesy I get, for example, here on this forum. I have spent time and effort going to the two dealerships in my area (20 mile drive to each) only to receive a blank stare from the guy at the counter, that is, when he finds it convienient to acknowledge my presence. And when I did order parts it took three trips back and forth before I got the correct part.

I am in the professional services industry (accountant), clients pay huge money for my time ($150-$300 per hour) (of course I get paid a tiny franction of that, hence doing things as economically as possible). I treat my clients with TLC and respect and if I can find anyway for them to get something done more economically or efficiently I do, including ways to decrease my time (fees), and travel expenses. That's the only sure-fire way to ensure a continuing mutually beneficial relationship.

I can see from your number of posts that you are a seasoned Merc. guy, probably a better mechanic than me and you've probably offered a lot of valuable advice. I appreciate, more than you know the advice people like your self have given out helping newbies like me, thanks.

Moderator, sorry if this note is off of the intended path for this forum.

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