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Mb Dealer Prices Are A Joke! Parts For Sale!

Man oh man did my buddy's friend get the bad end of this stick...Here's the story: My coworker who has a 560 SEC has another guy with a 560 SEL like mine who wants me to tune it up for him this weekend (we've been talking about it for about the last week or so getting schedules together,etc) and I told him to just get the parts from HERE at the partsshop (or the like) but of course he couldn't listen to me (I'll tell you guys about that in a second).

I said I could either get them for him from one of my contacts here in town (which has prices close to partsshop just local--he sometimes gives me parts at his cost because of the business I get him and hell, he probably uses the partsshop too!) or he could do it. Needless to say, I went ahead and purchased the stuff and I am now in possession of all parts needed to do his car. He just visited me and my coworker here at the office for lunch and was bringing me the parts he bought. This dude couldn't wait to get his stuff in the mail so... guess what he did??? He doesn't understand the cardinal rule: DON'T BUY PARTS FROM THE DEALER! This is what he's got for a whopping $500 plus bucks! Feel free to call for these prices if you doubt it (Atlanta Classic Mercedes parts 404-296-9662)

Bosch wire set...$158.00
Bosch cap... $232.20!!!!!
Bosch rotor...$61.25!!!
8 Bosch W9DC plugs...$5.60 ea=$44.80

Totaling 496.25 before taxes!

Hell even with BERU wires, its only about $317.00 total from fastlane with shipping and taxes!

I've got the same setup EXCEPT I've got new BERU wires. I told him I'd install the Beru's but he insists on the Bosch because the dealer told him they were the best. SOOOOO, I'm gonna be putting this little setup I've got up for sale to anyone interested for UNDER $300 ...I only paid $292.00 which was a really good deal and don't mind passing it on to anyone wanting this setup.I may even be able to ship from the job helping out with the shipping charges.Its not a big deal if no one wants it because I can take em back although I don't want to considering I got it at cost. Anyway, guys use the partsshop or the like when you need parts because as you can see, the markup is wild!
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